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WINA recognises the importance of mentoring within the restructuring and turnaround industry. The WINA Mentoring Program aims to provide members with the opportunity to participate in a program that matches mentees with mentors from within the industry to share experiences and assist mentees with setting goals, career planning and progression along with networking.

Program Objective

“Leverage from the WINA network to support the growth and diversity of the next generation of professionals within our industry: Enabling senior members of the industry to share experiences, knowledge and skills to support mentees in their professional and personal development”.

For Mentors, the program seeks to:

  • Enable senior members of the profession to play an active role in mentoring and assisting junior members;
  • Help shape the industry through fostering the talent and growth of our future leaders;
  • Develop your own leadership skills and understand the different motivators of a diverse team;
  • Share learnings from your own career to help the next generation set goals and navigate their career;
  • Meet, connect and develop strong relationships with peers and the next generation within the industry;
  • Learn from other firms, share knowledge and develop your own soft skills; and
  • Pay forward the support you have received through your career which got you to your current position.

For Mentees, the program seeks to:

  • Receive advice from someone who has relevant experience that can help you navigate your career path;
  • Build a strong relationship with an experienced mentor;
  • Develop deeper industry knowledge and improve your communication skills;
  • Build upon your network within the industry; and
  • Identify your professional and personal goals that will assist you with your long-term career plan.

Program overview

To help us scale up our FY23 Mentoring Program, we are pleased to be partnering with Leadership Shapers, who specialise in designing and facilitating high-impact mentoring programs, as well as working with leaders, teams and organisations to unlock potential. Our facilitator, Amanda Crawford, has a background in restructuring and insolvency (amongst other things), bringing an understanding of the unique challenges we face working within the industry.

This year’s program will include:

– an in-person launch sponsored by EY and to be held on 30 November 2022 where participants will meet their mentoring partner; and

– training for both mentors and mentees to support them both with this program and in their day-to-day, by infusing fundamentals of leadership and emotional intelligence (key dates will be shared during the program).

We will also put more rigour into the matching process and provide participants with profiling to support individual development and engagement in the program.

WINA supports gender balance and highly encourages Members to register equal representation of women and men from their organisation wherever possible.

How to register

To register for WINA’s FY23 Mentoring program, click the buttons below to complete the mentor/mentee application:

Mentees:FY23 WINA Mentoring Program – Mentee Application Survey (

Mentors: FY23 WINA Mentoring Program – Mentor Application Survey (

Applications close on 7 November 2022, so get in quick as places are limited.

We again welcome you to participate as both a mentor and mentee, in which case, please complete one application in full and answer the different questions in your second application.

Program key dates

The program key dates are as follows:

Applications open: 31 October 2022

Applications close: 7 November 2022

Confirmation of pairing: Between 14 November 2022 and 29 November 2022

Launch workshop event at EY: 30 November 2022

Quarterly training workshops and feedback surveys to be provided to participants during FY23

Who can access the mentoring program?

The WINA Mentoring Program will be open to all WINA FY23 individual and corporate members. Details on how to renew your membership can be found at this link, with Corporate memberships allowing 10 individuals to attend events at member rates.


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